LLC Private Security Company VIOLAN

License No. 6659 issued by the Main Directorate of Internal Affairs of Moscow on October 22, 2007
Legal (actual) address: Bld. 1, 10a 1905 Goda Ul., Moscow 125284.
Director General: Klimov Viktor Ivanovich
Phone (fax): 8-499-255-44-96, phone of a duty officer: 8-499-252-03-09

LLC Private Security Company VIOLAN carries out security activities in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation “On Private Detective and Security Activities in the Russian Federation" dated March 11, 1992 and the Regulations and Guidances on the Security of Facilities.
The legal basis for private security activities is the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Law “On Private Detective and Protection Activities in the Russian Federation”, other laws and legal acts of the Russian Federation, as well as contractual obligations to the Customer.
The Code of Honor of Security Officers and Management Staff of LLC Private Security Company VIOLAN has been developed and approved.
For security purposes, the company provides the following services:

  • protection of life and health of citizens;
  • protection of property (also during its transportation) that is owned, used, managed, operated or in trust on legal grounds; (property means monetary funds, securities, precious metals and stones, pieces of art and other valuable goods; transportation (shipment) of the above listed valuable goods is carried out by specialized (armored) vehicles of the enterprise or the Customer);
  • advising and preparing recommendations to customers on legal protection against security incidents;
  • keeping order at the venues of mass events;

In addition, the private security company assists in the design, installation and maintenance of security and fire alarm equipment.
For the benefit of the customer, all services and works are provided/performed on a confidential basis, as provided for by our agreements.
The private security enterprise provides services for armed and unarmed protection of the Customer's facilities to the extent of contractual relations, including armed security, transportation and escort of material assets and valuable goods.
During the period of its operation, LLC Private Security Company VIOLAN has made a qualitative breakthrough in this area of services. Every year the number of facilities increases, which leads to the ongoing need for new human resources (security guards). Therefore, the management of LLC Private Security Company VIOLAN constantly makes active efforts and works hard to recruit, train and educate new personnel.
Certified persons who have private security guard certificates, are verified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and considered professionally fit to perform the assigned tasks are allowed to work.

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г. Москва, Кривоколенный переулок, д.11/13, корп.4
Тел./факс: (495)623-11-71