Data protection. Protection of state secrets.

Providing consulting, information and legal services in the field of ensuring the economic security of the customer.

Providing the Customer with a range of specialized services related to ensuring safety in emergency situations, which may arise as a result of attempts to seize the guarded object, unauthorized penetration of unauthorized persons into its territory for unlawful acts, as well as the occurrence of a fire or natural disaster.

Security structures that are part of the Association of Security Enterprises “RD-Kontakt” provide a wide range of services for the protection of stationary objects, armed escort of goods and material assets, protection of the life and health of citizens, and ensuring the security of customers' business activities.

Providing an objective assessment of the current state of information security of the customer’s local area network, preventing and preventing confidential information leakage, ensuring a high level of fault tolerance of critical business processes, and organizing the safe exchange and storage of information.

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безопасности «РД-Контакт»

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